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Alzheimer,stress,depressive and anxiety states,cardio stimullation,imuno boost - self help with audio frequencies

Important: This is not a substitute for medical therapy, but just an extra help !!.

Knowledge about the beneficial effect of sound has been around since ancient times. It is present in eastern studies, and has been extensively studied for the last 70 years in the Western civilization. Today it is known as sound therapy, therapy frequency therapy or sound healing. Frequency therapy is based on stimulating the brain in creating its own brain waves of certain frequencies.

Own brain waves are proving to be a powerful means of boosting immunity, they are very useful against inflammatory conditions caused by viruses or bacteria. It is possible to use for the prevention of cardiac arrest, personal stimulation of the heart caused by the rhythm of sound waves.

This vibratory information is measured as frequency, the number of cycles per second that the substance vibrates. The technical name for frequency measurement is Hertz. Every substance on earth and every bone, muscle, organ, vitamin, mineral,enzyme ,virus and microbe has its own resonant frequency. Otherwise, the spectroscopic diagnostic methods mentioned above would not work.

The arena that is being addressed involves the use of sound as a healing modality. Sound has been used since the most ancient of times in both individual healing and sacred performance.Within the last three decades of the 20 th century the resurgence of various forms of sound healing has produced remarkable results. Sound, both as pure tones and as music, has been found to positively affect an astonishing array of physiological and psychological parameters. Among these are the equalization of brain waves, increasing the depth of breathing, slowing heartbeat and pulse, lowering blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, raising body temperature, increasing circulation and endorphin production, boosting immune function, improving memory and learning, decreasing clerical error, increasing endurance and productivity, strengthening digestion and decreasing depression (Campbell, 1997, p. 64) and, many others ailments and conditions.

Music therapist Don Campbell relates the following incident: the famous neurologist Oliver Sacks, testified before a U.S. senate committee on aging, that he had witnessed the effects of music on Rosalie, a patient with Parkinson's Disease. Rosalie was normally inert, with an EEG that indicated a comatose state. However, when Chopin's Opus 49 was mentioned to her, Rosalie, a pianist, would begin to change and as she played the music in her head, her motor activity became normal. If she was able to actually play the piano, she could play fluently for hours. Music therapy programs at universities and clinics around the world have become centers of a healing revolution using sound (Campbell, ibid.)

Sound therapies presuppose that the "music" of which we are made has become dissonant and discordant and that our natural ratios or harmonies have been shifted into disharmonies, i.e . ratios that do not support biochemical and/or structural integrity. Illness is seen as a result of this disharmony or lack of integrity. On this premise almost all kinds of sound therapies will agree.

The belief that sound can heal and is profoundly i mplicated in health has ancient roots.Pythagoras of Samos (600, BC) considered the father of western science, was deeply imbued with the belief that sound, and sound ratios, are the primary forces that hold physical reality together. The seven day week, and the seven note musical scale were direct results of his belief that the seven visible planets were in ratioed orbits that created specific harmonics. Those harmonics were believed to create a "music of the spheres". And his mathematization of astronomy through music was to lay the foundations of western science and result ultimately in the work of Kepler and Newton. Most importantly he believed that sound, audible and inaudible, had distinct effects on the health and emotional well being of humans. He prescribed particular music to calm and to balance biochemistry. In the early 17th century, Johannes Kepler would use Pythagoras' idea of geometrical ratios and the music of the spheres to develop his laws of planetary motions and finally accomplish the mathematical task of putting the planets in elliptical orbits around the sun.

Though scholars have commonly credited Pythagoras, as the first researcher into the origin of musical intervals, the decoding of the cuneiform tablets of ancient Mesopotamia (southern Iraq) has revealed that the Sumerians simultaneously developed cuneiform writing and a base-60 number system that allowed them to create "an extensive tonal/arithmetical model for the cosmos..." thousands of years before Pythagoras (McCain, 1994) The typical Eurocentric assumption had been that the Summary of Concepts rationalistic Greeks refined nascent/primitive mathematical concepts that existed before, and made them more useful. But the decoded tablets yield a far different view, one in which the Sumerians created a far reaching allegory in which the physical world is known by divine mathematical analogy. In this allegory the gods gave divinity not only to natural forces, but to a "supernatural" intuitive understanding of mathematical patterns and psychological patterns (McCain, ibid.)

Everything on the planet, living or not, is radiating frequencies. We know that this broadcasting of frequency is a primal form of communication. Before the specialization of eyes or ears,before olfactory organs, organisms locate and identify with frequency. We live in a sea of frequencies and we are composed, in essence, of frequencies. The structure of matter is a dynamic relationship of frequencies, which is to say, of relative motion. Astronomers speculate on the structure of a distant star based on the various band -widths of frequencies it is emitting and the relationship of those various frequency bandwidths. We are an arrangement of frequency constellations. Nuclear physics has been telling us this story for quite a while. To understand how one substance, or a group of substances, affects other substances is to understand the primacy of frequency constellations. Healing energy,whether produced by a medical device or projected from the human body,is energy of a particular frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues.

Therapeutic effect may be present in significant part along with this auxiliary therapy in the healing of various diseases:

-Neurotic disorder (neurosis) and anxiety

Frequency therapy does not cause adverse effects associated with long-term use. It is recommended to use 2 times a day for 30 minutes.

Important: This is not a substitute for medical therapy, but just an extra help !!.

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